Marvin Wziontek joined Pandora in September 2019 as a Business Controller for Northern Europe in Hamburg. In this role, he was mainly focused on the Wholesale Channel as well as O&O Retail related projects. As Marvin’s biggest wish was always to develop himself internationally he took over the role as a Commercial Finance Specialist in our Southern Europe Cluster in Milan, where he started in July. In his new position, he is the Finance-responsible for the South African market.

The interview was conducted by Bianca Kroll, Talent Acquisition Manager for Pandora Northern Europe.

Marvin, congratulations on your new role. How are you feeling after your relocation to Italy?

Thank you very much… – yeah this feels amazing. I still cannot believe that I can see the skyline of Milan from my apartment and I am so happy for this opportunity. My colleagues in Milan have been super welcoming and supportive, which helped me a lot to feel comfortable right from the start. I have already learnt so many new things in this short period of time.

This sounds very interesting. I can imagine that it is not easy to relocate from one country to another. Was there any support on that?

Absolutely. The Management Team in Northern Europe as well as in Southern Europe were very supportive and I was in constant contact with the HR teams, who did a great job in clarifying nearly all of my questions before. Everybody made a big effort on this and I am feeling very valued for that. I don’t think that this is very usual….

But it seems to be normal life in Pandora, right? Did you apply for the role or how did the process look like?

Well, yes… there are so many international career opportunities in Pandora. That was also a reason for me to reach out to my Director and manager last year and tell them about my dream to move abroad for a period of time and asked which opportunities they could see in the company for me. They were proactively looking for possible solutions and reached out to the different clusters. I hadn’t expected that such a great opportunity would come up so quickly, but suddenly there was a message from Southern Europe that they would need support in the Finance team in Milan for one year as a maternity cover and now here I am.

And your dream has come true – this is one of Pandora’s values! But what will happen after this year?

Yes, “We Dream” is one of our values and I think my adventure here is a good example for that, but also “We Care” is a part of this, as I feel safe and well supported. After this year I will go back to Hamburg – my old position is covered for the secondment year and my German contract will be reactivated for my return, which is a great feeling. I am also open for further development topics – let’s see what the future brings and which career opportunities on my Pandora journey might pop up along the way.