Christian Powis joined Pandora in May 2018 as a Divisional Sales Manager for the Nordics. In this role, he was responsible for 4 countries leading our Regional Sales Managers in the Retail and Wholesale business. Because of his huge success, he was promoted to join our global team as a Retail Sales & Performance Manager in Copenhagen. He will start in this newly established role on July 1st.

The interview was conducted by Bianca Kroll, Talent Acquisition Manager for Pandora Northern Europe.

Congratulations on your new role Christian. What a great opportunity to experience something new!

Thank you! It is indeed! I actually didn’t plan for it, but I am always ambitious to make an impact. After 3 years, I thought it would be a great chance to bring my Retail knowledge into the global office and to work on strategical performance topics. In this case, I can influence things from a commercial retail perspective and add a high value.

This sounds great. What was your motivation to join Pandora originally?

Well, when I joined Pandora, I was so passionate to work for this great Danish company. Pandora is well-known in Denmark, and I really wanted to bring the Pandora story into different countries; there is so much to tell and to be proud of.

So tell me more about the Pandora Story?

Pandora is full of passion. Sometimes it feels like you are working in a start-up, even though it is such a big company. It is encouraged to be proactive, to think about processes and propose new ideas and solutions. I enjoy that. There were several projects I was working on and in the end, the solutions were rolled out globally. We are all working together like a big family, supporting each other, making something special.

Everybody is talking about the passion at Pandora. Why is this passion so unique?

I think it is so special because it is an authentic passion. It starts in the manufacturing, goes along with the distribution and grows in the stores. We are all part of this circle and are feeling it. We have been successful for so many years and are not doing these great things just for show, we are doing them because passion is in us. Do you know that we have a Thai Buddha in our CEO office? This Buddha was carried by hand from Thailand to Denmark and fresh flowers are placed next to it every week to celebrate where our products are coming from. No more words needed to describe how special everything is at Pandora…