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Visual Merchandiser

City:  Shanghai
Country/Region:  CN
Application Deadline:  30 JUN 2023

Main purpose of the role: 岗位主要作用

  • Collecting and submitting orders of display materials regularly to ensure that the material orders meet the pre-budget standards. 陈列物料的订单收集及提交,保证物料订购符合前期预算标准.
  • Regularly communicate with suppliers about material production and other matters, and sort out the relevant payment application process. 定期与供应商沟通物料制作等事项,并整理相关付款申请等流程.
  • Communicate with Global team, effectively share display strategic direction, complete internal execution plan. 定期与总部团队保持良好沟通,有效分享陈列战略方向,完成内部执行计划.
  • According to different new frequency, confirm the color tracking and different screen size layout of new poster. 根据不同上新频次,确认新品海报画面的颜色追踪以及不同画面尺寸排版.
  • Be able to independently completely different display activities, follow up the  VM material development,production and distribution . 能独立完成不同陈列活动项目,同时需跟进道具延展/生产/配送.
  • Work with VM manager  to deliver window design creation to local promotion, such as CNY/520/CVD . Follow up the  VM material development,production and distribution . 与VM经理一同为本地的节日活动,提供橱窗创意设计,例如CNY/520/CVD,同时需跟进道具延展,生产,配送.
  • Effectively communicate with other internal departments to ensure the delivery of material to the designated markets/areas  保持与其他内部部门良好沟通,准确定期发放指定市场和区域门店订单物料.
  • According to the annual store opening plan from BD, carry out the Layout review planning of new store, as well as the Layout of commodity display, and support of display props. If necessary, need with practical display in store, and deal with related store VM working later. 根据BD年度的开店计划,进行新开店Layout审图规划以及商品陈列布局,陈列道具支持,必要时候需到店实操,且跟进后期相关开店工作;
  • Complete other tasks assigned by VM manager, assisting  develop local VM strategy direction. 完成上级交办的其他工作,协助VM 经理开发本地VM 策略方向.

Key Accountabilities 关键责任:

*Future Nuwa Strategic Plan execution /Pandora Me tracking /New zoning plan update /New store opening VM process optimization

未来女娲战略计划执行/Pandora Me 追踪/New zoning计划更新/New store opening 陈列流程的优化


*Assist VM manager to adapt and develop VM guideline for the global campaign  including VM props installation and styling development .  ensure that the VM guidelines are consistent with the local strategic direction.

协助VM 经理,根据全球新品推广活动,调整和发展陈列指引,包括道具安装和产品的风格搭配,确保陈列指引内容与品牌战略方向保持一致.


*In charge of  the order summary and order distribution of store display materials, effectively control the department budget in line with the company's standards.



*Communicate well with Global/Local team regularly, maintain tracking and feedback of display POSM, complete relevant order issuing and application process, etc.



*Responsible for the supervision of the replacement of store light box posters POP and follow up the production and installation of post-printing.