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Loss Prevention Manager

City:  Shanghai
Country/Region:  CN
Application Deadline:  30 October 2022


Responsible to ensure compliance with Processes and Procedures to protect the profit and assets of the organization. To embed a strong control environment in stores. A Custodian and Protector of the Pandora brand




  • Implement company policies and procedures to protect assets and profit within the organization
  • 实施公司政策和程序,保护公司的利润与资产
  • Using Data, assess compliance with policies and procedures and feedback to retail and functional leads on compliant levels to drive improvements
  • 使用数据分析对政策和程序的遵守情况,向零售与部门领导反馈合规水平,并促成改进
  • Monitor unusual activity in store. Implement investigative measures on potential non-compliant behavior and take appropriate discussions warnings and actions
  • 监控商店中的异常活动。对潜在不合格行为实施调查措施,并进行适宜的讨论、警告与应对
  • Be key contact and support in the event of an incident and support disaster recovery efforts
  • 担任发生意外时的关键联系人并提供支持,辅助灾难恢复工作
  • Provide day to day support for stores on Loss prevention measures e.g. maintenance of CCTV, Alarms, access controls, Customer Data
  • 为商店提供日常防损措施支持,例如维护闭路监控、警报、出入口控制、顾客数据
  • Regularly visit store locations to monitor performance and highlight key risks
  • 定期走访商店,监控绩效并发现关键风险
  • Responsible to drive immediate corrective actions where significant risk exists and provide feedback to Group.
  • 存在重大风险时,负责立即采取纠正措施,并向集团提出反馈。
  • Provide support to Group to periodically conduct stock takes such as agreeing timelines for counts, communicating stock take procedures and liaising with external vendors.
  • 帮助集团进行周期性的盘点,例如确定盘点日程、传达盘点程序和联络外部供应商。
  • Analyze stock count and audit data to identify poor performing stores. Co- Create action plans with Store Management to drive improvements.
  • 分析库存盘点和审核数据,以确定绩效不佳的商店。和商店管理层共同制定行动方案,以促成改进。
  • Implement monitoring tools to regularly assess and report on high risk stores.
  • 使用监控工具,对高风险商店进行定期评估与报告。
  • Train store managers on key controls (as laid out in Organization’s Policies and procedures) and ensure documentation remains relevant and accurate.
  • 就关键控制措施,对商店经理进行培训(如组织政策与程序所述),确保证明文件内容相关且准确无误。
  • Keep informed on industry best practice and benchmarks and feedback to Group on new risks (e.g. Cyber), advancement in technology (e.g. data mining) and any suggestions to ensure Pandora remains protected




  • Key Control metrics are consistently under tolerance level set by Pandora Group and aligned with industry benchmarks
  • 确保关键控制指标始终处于潘多拉集团设定的可承受水平之下,且符合行业基准
  • Incidents are managed effectively and escalated within defined timelines to minimize adverse impact. Investigations are documented and actions are delivered in line with regulatory requirements
  • 意外事故得到有效管理,并在规定的时限内上报,以减少负面影响。调查记录成文,措施的运用符合监管要求
  • Zero incidents relating to loss of Data and practices observed are compliant with local legislations e.g. PCI, GDPR, DPA
  • 确保无事故导致数据丢失,且观察到的实践做法符合本地法规,如PCIGDPRDPA












 5+ years working expereince, Equivalent combination of experience and education accepted


  • Experience from retail, fashion or FMCG industry
  • 零售、时尚或快消品行业经验
  • Compliance background beneficial
  • 合规背景为佳
  • Extensive experience in a similar role within a multi-site retail/franchise environment
  • 具有多设施零售/专营环境下的类似岗位的丰富经验
  • Structured and detailed in approach
  • 行事方法有条有理、注重细节
  • Strong communication skills at all levels, ability to influence
  • 出色的各层面沟通技能,有能力产生影响
  • Solution focused and proven problem solver
  • 关注解决方案,是切实的问题解决者
  • Highly analytical and able to provide detailed, clear and concise reports