Director, Manufacturing Quality (Lamphun)

City:  Lamphun
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  Until Hire


Location: Lamphun, Thailand


Strategic results: Drive strategic & tactical decisions for Manufacturing Quality and align resources to deliver key functional objectives in alignment with PPT strategic goals. 

Best-in-class manufacturing: Oversee and drive best-in-class Manufacturing Quality in jewelry industry, maintain high standards of quality and adopt of best-practices to ensure consistency across production units.

Customer centricity: Strive to deliver the best of PANDORA, continuously improve Manufacturing Quality to deliver high quality products to customers and stay true to design objectives 

Financial results: Ensure low production cost, on-time delivery, and high production quality.
Collaborative: Openly engage stakeholders for critical activities. Take accountability and ensure effective collaboration with other functions.

People: Improve and sustain eNPS to be within the top quartile. Develop strong internal leadership pipeline, with focus on developing local talent. 

Inspirational leadership: Build a diverse and trust-based leadership team, manned with ideal team players who works as a true team across sub-functions. Embody strong culture of collaboration.


Key objectives:

  • Be a quality gate-keeper for mass production, including any change/ update in manufacturing and quality parameters
  • Coordinate with PEx and Production to ensure effectiveness of Fast Response and ECR in rectifying quality issues in timely manner
  • Drive end-to-end QA/ QC and continuous improvement from mass production to new product development phase
  • Leverage best practices/ learnings from other production units for further quality improvement

Key duties:

  • Translate company goals into tangible actions/ metrics for Product Quality
  • Adhere to brand quality standards, product quality standard, specs, tolerances, and QMS policies; provide feedbacks on adherence feasibility as needed
  • Ensure Product Quality follow the inspection procedure, standard and tolerance developed by Consumer Quality; ensure learnings are incorporated
  • Collaborate with Consumer Quality to agree on update/ change on inspection standard and tolerance during mass production phase
  • Manage the product inspection from Pre production to mass production, including the outsourced finish goods product; ensure the products are delivered with right quality and on time
  • In collaboration with centralized Consumer Quality, oversee the inspection of FG during Pre-production (SOV) and performance analysis; refine acceptance criteria/ control plan and prepare for flawless launch
  • Ensure Fast Response and ECR implementation are effective in response to quality issues; endorse the root cause analysis and drive the solution implementation
  • Work with CQ/ PEx to ensure closed-loop communication between mass production, development, and design phases in order to incorporate best practices and learnings into new product design and quality standard setting
  • Endorse continuous improvement initiatives from PEx from quality aspects
  • Drive the improvement of Work Instruction, procedure and process control to further reduce quality issues, in collaboration with PEx
  • Ensure collaboration between Manufacturing (MQ and CQ teams) and Consumer Quality; ensure feedback and lesson learned are incorporated into new product and process design
  • Be a gate-keeper for ECR/CAR at each plant; ensure relevant documents are updated in the system 
  • Manage calibration team to ensure all measuring device and standard tooling are calibrated timely manner.



  • Master’s Degree or Bachelor’s degree Engineering / Science or Master of business administration
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience leading on quality process for manufacturing or Quality management on relate field
  • Drive the solution to most complex business problems
  • Possess the strategic perspective and create sustained results for Pandora (financial, non-financial)
  • Demonstrate ability to make hard decisions, making the right trade-offs
  • Effectively plan and efficiently deliver exceptional work while handling both volume and complexity
  • Is an inspirational leader; practices genuine humility and places the team above their own interests
  • Is self-motivated and hungry enough to work hard; willing to change
  • Is smart about other people; has an ability to lead, manage, motivate, and run own team of future leaders
  • Strong stakeholder management and communication skills; interact effectively with the organization
  • Good computer skill i.e. MS Office, E-mail, Internet, AX
  • Good Knowledge of the English language and can communicate (verbal and written) skills.