Supervisor, Quality Surveillance&Improvement (BB)

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  Until Hire


Key objectives:

  • Preparing and analyze a bulk of data that related organization’s performance indicators through the central database  system
  • In  order to present and reflect the efficiency of current improvement activities
  • Monitoring and reviewing the accuracy of data and adjust if required before taking to analysis process to  get a maximum accuracy result
  • Develop and create an instant data base to support better and quicker analysis and ensure that ready to support management requirement
  • Analysis and prepare daily report to support quality activities in order to develop quality of product and sustain an effective manufacturing processes follow specific requirement and specific standard
  • Be a leader and create a process for Fast Response solution or other
  • Quality projects as assigned as well as establish with systematic monitoring in order to develop and improve quality performance indicators of the organization
  • Review and consider problems, root causes as well as Short-term and Long-term action with notification in the Fast Response process including presenting the principle of reflection results to the responsible person in answering and solving problems
  • Monitoring and manage inspection standard time and ensure all data is up to date and ready to support any activities to increase productivity of manufacturing


Key duties:

  • Understand work processes and inspecting workpieces As well as knowing the impact if abnormalities occur within the process
  • Make decision standardization of inspection in the same direction
  • Able to suggest tools or equipment for product inspection (workpieces / parts) for improved and more efficient inspection
  • Learning the limit of calculation method in various of pattern to get expected result at the end
  • Follow update data and significant information from the cross  functional teams as the database to quicker analysis.


  • Bachelor’s degree Science or any related field
  • At least 3 years experience in the industry
  • and at least 0-1 years’ experience in the jewelry industry
  • Have the ability to work with others, either as bosses or individuals in other agencies
  • Able to solve problems quickly, in time, and formulate guidelines for preventing recurrence
  • Analytical ability And systematic thinking
  • Can be a leader and give appropriate advice to subordinates
  • Able to solve job problems In lieu of subordinate employees
  • Can be resolved problems timely and guidelines prevent repeated problems.