Supervisor, FN Scheduling (AAA)

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  Until Hire
    • Alignment with Master planining, Materials management and Production to ensure scheduling plan is executable.
    • Allocation line & Sequencing production order to meet customer requirement at AAA.
    • Maintain line configuration.
    • Foresee manning skills constraints and oversee to balance or outsource production if any by decided together with Master planning and Production.
    • Monitor day-to-day operations at AAA, Follow production accuracy and on-time delivery by coordinate with concerns.
    • Monitor potential delays and collaborate with Master Planning and Production to resolve exceptions.




    • Analysis defect and uncertainty then collaborate with FE to create production order FE to ensure meet FROT target.
    • Manage shipment plan, production scheduling, and follow-up on production control issues as necessary at production site (support replenishment, campaign and new product orders – D phase sequencing).
      • Manage shipment plan released from Master Planning.
      • Seek input from Production regarding resource capacity.
      • Schedule production orders on short horizons (0-4 weeks LT) in all production steps over available capacity & RM availability (e.g. skill capacity, RM availability).
      • Review and align production orders with Production before release to shop floor.
      • Release Production Orders to shop-floor control team within production sites to execute daily shop-floor production activities (release weekly schedule with hourly assignments and agreed output).
      • Coordinate with Production and shop floor controller to ensure plan adherence, as well as correct volume and timing.
      • Monitor schedule effectiveness on the shop-floor and make adjustments as required.
  • Identify exceptions to plan and prioritize between orders in constrained situations, make adjustments to plan to maintain FROT (e.g. Additional production orders to cover for rejects),