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Supervisor, Product Rendering

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  31 May 2022

Ref. 3732 


Key objectives

  • Supervise  CAD files / Rendering for Animation Process.
  • Ensure file quality to support digital marketing material.
  • Maintain and improve Animation files Library storage.
  • Maintain new product intellectual property control.
  • Communicate progress with CAD Manager.
  • Communicate progress with PD / Digital marketing Team to plan and manage end-to-end process.

Key duties

  • Coordinate with global teams and suppliers based on their requirements.
  • Oversee creation of files required for digital marketing material.
  • Confirm CAD Animations capacity based on Digital marketing timeline.
  • Maintain targets and time per CAD design to achieve Animation timeline.
  • Balance capacity and capability in CAD Animations to perform capacity.
  • Perform last minute capacity reallocations due to unforeseen delays / disruptions.
  • Ensure files quality.
  • Keep Animation Library up to date.
  • Maintain and ensure new product intellectual property control.
  • Input on and execute high-level targets and plans including time per CAD Animations.
  • Ensure effective cross-functional communication and share best practices across all departments where relevant
  • Work with CAD team closely to understand the product



  • Bachelor’s degree with filed study to Project Management, Well organize and English language,
  • Strong organization and communication, people skill,
  • Some previous CAD experience and knowledge of the software is useful,
  • Pack shot / Animation knowledge is useful,
  • Self-Managing,
  • Strong stakeholder management and communication skills; interact effectively with the organization,
  • Demonstrate ability to make decisions, making the right trade-offs,
  • Good Facing and help to find out solution for most complex team problems,
  • Effectively plan and efficiently deliver exceptional work while handling both volume and complexity,
  • Is an inspirational , practices genuine humility and places the team above their own interests,
  • Is self-motivated and hungry enough to work hard; willing to change,
  • Is smart about other people; has an ability to motivate, and run team of future Animator,
  • Good skill to MS Office, Photoshop, Email, ZBrush (nice to have)