Supervisor, Communications

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  Until Hire

This role is to manage key internal communications channels (offline+online) while not only overseeing and monitoring traffic of all communications workloads, but also being a strategic communications parter to give advices to clients what media fits best in different context.


Key accountabilities:

•    Oversee and manage the effectiveness of internal communication services and channel mix
•    Be a strategic communications parter to give advices what media types fit best when it comes to creative way of communications in different context and audiences
•    Co-work with Content Creation and Corporate team in executing Employer Branding Program

•    Monitor and manage traffic of all communications workloads for a proper delegation among Content Creation team
•    Initiate and prepare annual content plan for Facebook, Pandora Engage and other channels where assigned
•    Ensure the up-to-date internal communications is being broadcasted in C&S while aligning with company’s strategy and directon
•    Prepare official announcement for both English and Thai
•    Liaise with other functions for content development opportunity
•    Supervise and support radio team for the best of radio programmes running across C&S including DJ Search project

Professional Qualifications & Personal Competencies:

•    Drive the solution to most complex business problems 
•    Demonstrate ability to make hard decisions, making the right trade-offs
•    Effectively plan and efficiently deliver exceptional work while handling both volume and complexity 

•    Is an inspirational leader; practices genuine humility and places the team above their own interests
•    Is self-motivated and hungry enough to work hard; willing to change
•    Is smart about other people; has an ability to lead, manage, motivate, and run own team 

•    Strong stakeholder management and communication skills; interact effectively with the organization
•    Fluent in both English & Thai communication and being self-confident

•    Experienced in Internal Communication Management, Creative Content, and Project Management