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Supervisor, Advanced Machine Development

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  30 June 2022

Ref. 5696


Key objectives:

  • Development around Progressive stamping die  and Tooling Fabrication development process from design for manufacturing until implementation.
  • Design and Machine Programming with team to identify the step of tools/machine processing and plan.
  • Manages machine capacities and control progress and coordinate and oversee all the parts running on the machines
  • Manage a team of tool shop personnel and guide them to ensure on time readiness of a project
  • Respond to innovation requests coming from Group Design and GBU relations
  • Deliver sample and necessary engineering drawings with toiling specification


Key  Accountabilities:

  • The leader to develop Progressive die stamping  since design until execution on Mass production.
  • Set-up the standardizations through fabrication process  to ensure that the process to have consistency and high performance
  • Support study and investigate on new machine and tooling requirement.
  • Progress update for machining plan to support new product development
  • Register in internal excel file , and Plan overall jobs request
  • To explain detail and action all issue case with Concept design and Drawing test summary result.
  • Management machinery operation team  bas on fabrications machine  EDM,CNC,Wire cut and Laser Engraving machine
  • Provide the solutions and problem solving  on development phase until mass production




  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Mechatronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering
  • Have knowledge in Plastic injection and Stamping process and tooling
  • Have basic knowledge in Plastic and Metallurgy
  • Plus Specialist knowledge machining center and Computer Design shall advantage Ability to communicate in English
  • Minimum 5 years  experiences progressive stamping die development
  • Minimum 5 years  experiences machinery base CNC,EDM, Wire cut machine

Preferred Computer skill are;

  • Microsoft Office / 2D & 3D CAD / 2D & 3D CAM CAE
  • Be champion to programming and operate CNC 5-Axis Machine
  • Be champion to programming and operate CNC 3-Axis Machine
  • Be champion to programming and operate CNC lathe Machine
  • Be champion to programming and operate Wire EDM Machine
  • Be champion to programming and operate Conventional EDM Machine
  • Be champion to programming and operate Laser Engraving Machine
  • Be able to do conceptual design for tooling
  • Be very fluent in 3D designing per Pandora requirements
  • Be very fluent in 2D print dimensioning per Pandora requirements
  • Be able to provide new innovative ways to make jewelry.