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Specialist, Product Engineer (New Product)

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  31 August 2022

Ref. 7956


Key objectives:

  • Review and provide technical input for new products in the cycle to align with production capability of PPT and other OEM manufactures
  • Develop new products in the cycle to achieve quality requirement
  • Optimize design and technique of the products to achieve the target cost
  • Develop new products focusing on appearance to satisfy Creation and Marketing needs
  • Conduct development status of the items in the cycles to align with brand process time line

Key duties:

  • Get design brief of new products in the cycles from DD team
  • Provide technical review and give input to CAD team to create 3D design focusing on cost, quality, production capability and appearance
  • Support CAD team for any issue regarding technical, production capability, quality, etc. and review 3D file to align with technical input
  • Provide technical input for Costing team to calculate cost
  • Find solution to reduce cost when over the target
  • Brief and give input to Technical Engineer team to create initial routing before making samples
  • Review samples together with Product Compliance to ensure the samples aligned with design intend and technical input



  • High Vocational Certificate or above in Mechanical, Jewelry design or Related field
  • Experience to product development, most preferred to Jewelry production knowledge
  • Knowledge and experience with components such as springs, magnets, metals and other materials
  • Experience with alternate manufacturing methods
  • Preferred Competencies:
    • Systematic thinking
    • Drive the solution to most complex business problems
    • Demonstrate ability to make hard decisions, making the right trade-offs
    • Effectively plan and efficiently deliver exceptional work while handling both volume and complexity
    • Strong stakeholder management and communication skills; interact effectively with the organization