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Specialist, Product Compliance & Engineering (BB)

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  31 May 2022

Ref. 5365

Key Objective:

  • Preparing and analyze a bulk of data that related organization’s performance indicators through the central database system. In order to present and reflect the efficiency of current improvement activities.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the accuracy of data and adjust if required before go analysis process to get a maximum accuracy result.
  • Develop and create an instant data base to support better and quicker analysis and ensure that ready to support management requirement.
  • Analysis and prepare daily report to support quality activities to develop quality of product and sustain an effective manufacturing processes follow specific requirement and specific standard.
  • Supervision and follow up quality alert document between departments where are issued by team and control period of feedback following quality operation procedure.



Key Duties:

  • Usage of complexity function of central database system.
  • Methodology of Analysis skill to ensure that result is accuracy as expected.
  • Learning the limit of calculation method in various of pattern to get expected result at the end.
  • Learning how to play round with complex database.
  • Follow update data and significant information from the cross functional teams and store as the database. In order to quicker analysis.
  • Drive root cause analysis by using problem solving technic and effectiveness corrective action follow up with responsible person.
  • Verify and monitor the effectiveness of problem solving issue.
  • Process or product audit sampling plan set up for new improvement project



  • Bachelor or higher
  • Science or Engineer any related field
  • At least a year experience that related data analysis and reporting.
  • System thinking skill.
  • Problem solving skill.
  • Problems can be resolved timely and determined prevent repeated problems.
  • Skill and resourcefulness for follow-up quality issue.
  • Skill and knowledge in QC tool, Problem solving,  SPC, Process capability study and other statistic tool/software.
  • To be able to work with others as a supervisor or someone at other parties.
  • Experience of working in Quality Assurance