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Specialist, Chemical Management (AAA)

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  31 May 2022


[Key objectives]

  • Improve & Maintain the Chemical Management System
  • Reduce non compliance the law, standard and customer requirement
  • Control of the storage of chemicals to a minimum and must be enough for used
  • Reduction of hazardous chemical from the operation of the organization

[Key duties]

  • Evaluation to reduce the chemical impact
  • Execute chemical yearly plan
  • Set Adhoc Plan and Execution for Chemical Awareness or Project
  • Execute Chemical emergency Drill
  • Inspection emergency shower & eye wash (fix + portable)
  • Stock management of the chemical absorbent sheet
  • Issue PR that relate with chemical PPE & spill kits & signs & spare parts for eyewash / shower
  • Ensure Standard for chemical safety signage is enforced
  • Ensure ISO Standards for Chemical Management are enforced
  • Execute corrective action and improvement plan
  • Summary & Follow up corrective action and improvement plan
  • Comply & Execute with Chemical storage and handling control standard
  • Follow & enforce standards for Chemical transportation and distribution (internal)
  • Execute X-ray monitoring plan
  • Coordinate government for safety inspection (X-ray)
  • Control supplier to safety inspection (X-ray)
  • Radiation measurement sheet service plan (Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimeter ; OSL)
  • Updated list of employees working with radiation (X-ray)
  • Updated  optically stimulated luminescence dosimeter ; OSL)
  • Safety radiation training (before starting work; 6hrs)
  • Safety radiation training (yearly refresh training) external
  • Execute Emergency drills radiation leaks
  • Register machine & radiation strength (First time registration) Ror. 1-1 Form
  • Register machine & radiation strength (Upon Changes registration) Ror. 1-1 Form
  • Register machine & radiation strength (Upon Changes registration) Ror. 2 Form
  • Register Radiation Safety Officer Register machine & radiation strength (Upon Changes registration) Ror. 3-1 Form
  • Register any changes in Radiation Safety Officer Status (new, resign…) Ror. 3-2 Form
  • Radiation Safety Officer Activity Report  Ror. 5 Form


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational health and safety, Chemical Science, Chemical Engineer or other related fields
  • At least 5 years of chemical experience
  • At least 3 years of chemical safety management experience
  • Must have Certification of Bor Chor 1
  • Strong knowledge of Hazardous Substance and Hazardous Chemical Control
  • Strong knowledge of Chemical emergency responds
  • Strong knowledge of ISO 14001/ISO45001 skills.
  • Strong knowledge of relevant laws and regulations

[Competencies Preferred]

  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Training and coaching skill
  • Good coordination skill
  • Rational Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Ability to communicate effectively and work with all departments