Senior Manager, Senior Manager, Innovation & Product Development Excellence

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  Until Hire


  • Facility I&PD management meeting and strategy workshop
  • Best practice sharing and benchmarking to evalute status of I&PD and define roadmap to become best-in-class
  • To support VP and directors to develop and lead the implementation of I&PD strategy aligned with company’s goal and objectives
  • To act as Project Management Office of I&PD
  • Key contact point for S&TO on consolidation view of I&PD strategy and status update
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure the strategy's successful execution and continuous improvement
  • Establish and manage the PMO for I&PD, ensuring project alignment with strategic objectives and efficient project execution
  • Monitor project progress, identify risks, and implement mitigation strategies
  • Coordinate business case for financial and budget approval
  • Holistic view of I&PD process to drive for high operational efficiency and simple yet robust process
  • Continous drive for process efficiency along NPI phase from innovation to mass production
  • Lead process improvement initiatives across I&PD, streamlining workflows and enhancing NPI efficiency
  • Get I&PD process ready for PLM implementation
  • Define simple yet robust process across innovation, product development and central PEX to balance between process standardization and agility
  • Represent I&PD to drive for continous improvement on NDI process from Innovation till mass production
  • Develop holistic digitalization roadmap of I&PD
  • Drive for digitalization roadmap implementation
  • Define and execute digitalization roadmap for I&PD, identifying opportunities for automation and digitization of processes
  • Lead next generation of PLM (product lifecycle management) implementation in order to reach operational efficiency target
  • Collaborate with IT and other departments to implement digital solutions that enhance efficiency and innovation
  • Collaborate with IT and other departments on digitalizing report
  • Scouting together with IT and directors on digital tools for product development, product engineering (CAE, CAM), rendering
  • I&PD performance dashboard
  • Consolidation of related dashboard from other departments to spot for innovation and development opportunities
  • Consolidate I&PD budget  
  • Support VP and directors on defining right set of KPI for I&PD and each department
  • Consolidate I&PD performance into monthly view with explaination
  • Analyse data from I&PD and other departments to identify opportunites for innovation initatives




  • Bachelor or Master degree holder
  • Engineering or systems related, or Business administrative related
  • Consultancy background on driving process and systems related projects
  • Project management
  • Experience of manufacturing, supply chain, or product development
  • Drive the solution to most complex business problems
  • Possess the strategic perspective and create sustained results for Pandora (financial, non-financial)
  • Demonstrate ability to make hard decisions, making the right trade-off
  • Effectively plan and efficiently deliver exceptional work while handling both volume and complexity
  • Is an inspirational leader; practices genuine humility and places the team above their own interests
  • Is self-motivated and hungry enough to work hard; willing to change
  • Is smart about other people; has an ability to lead, manage, motivate, and run own team of future leaders
  • Strong stakeholder management and communication skills; interact effectively with the organization