Officer, Safety (AAA)

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  Until Hire

1. To participate with perform to support stakeholder and manage to complete the management of change (MOC) process.

2. To participate in the accident investigation together with the affected agencies or the agencies at the scene of the accident and participate in the conclusion of the investigation to be completed.

3. Prepare and participate in planning and communication with all relevant departments of fire evacuation drills.

4. Provide posters and  communication safety concerns.
5. Execute the CAR issuance in the system and follow up until the CAR in the system is complete, including summaries and reports.
6. Participate and be a part of activities related to the SHE division and carry out Zero Accident campaign.
7. Summary weekly , monthly , yearly report of your responsibility.
8. To Implement and approve Personal protective equipment (PPE) with inspection all area both supplier and Pandora employee.
9. Engage and drive various activities related to safety work. Such as SHE inspection , she awareness , training etc,

10. Review risk assessment.

11. Review and improve the safety standards of the safety signs.
12. Inspect and prepare safety signs, including installation if they are found to be incomprehensible or damaged or damaged..

13. To contact the training institution for external training.
14. To manage with plan for Training, checking, and investigating the contractor.