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Officer, NPD Route & Standard Time (A,D)

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  30 September 2022

Ref. 10355


  • Product costing
    • Governing Standard Time to the collection and readiness on initial data on time delivery Design Cost 30% 60% 80% and 100% 0, 1
    • The main cost driver(s) will also be mentioned (e.g. design, function, material…) along with preliminary ideas to reduce the cost
    • Based on a product library and maintain, Product Development (PD) will select a matching cost reference for the new design, this will infer a DC-1 cost estimate per DV
    • Provided that the target cost is already available at this stage, a deviation vs target will be calculated, this deviation will be classified between “high”, “medium” and “low”
    • Preparation Outsource service from supplier quotation to be ready in PLM
    • Contact with related person for maintain Surface Area of new material, update Chemical consumption plate items in PLM
    • Lead Meeting prepare Estimate initial Route & STD time from digital product library with sample line
    • Maintain share point for collaborate data Route & STD time send to Costing team
    • Rollup cost in PLM
    • Lead meeting and provide information guidelines for action proposed solution Cost over target margin
  • Update Power BI | Costing Dashboard Initial Costing Overall collection before gate 1 and after gate 1,2 and Prepare Power BI | Routing & status item Enamel and Other
  • Update Dashboard overview cost 0,1, FC Cost all cycle by weekly for VP
  • Update Dashboard overview support team Other
  • Coordinate with Finance, Production Preparation (pre-production AAA, BB, LPN) and MDM team to proceed effective data to be correctness & on time delivery for Initial BOM, Cost & Item Master inAX2012 operation
  • PTR selected & Product owner
    • Prepare Initial data BOM & Route and engineering data for Preproduction  base on PMQ1 and site allocation
    • Maintain share point for collaborate data  for Master Data set up announcement
    • Follow up and coordinate with CAD&OEM, ODM for Picture FG
    • Upload initial multi-level BOM and Route and Picture FG from DIXF
    • Maintain Engineering data on PLM & AX once update to reflect PLM&AX
    • Maintain Master data from Product name market
    • Prepare information Pre Bom run size to send to relevant agencies
    • Update cavity Surface Area and Chemical consumption - Shine & Rose in AX and PLM for run size
    • Follow with pre-production AAA, BB, LPN, and update FR-PM weight in PLM system
    • Update Surface Area and Chemical consumption plate item in  PLM
    • Create common casted part code in PLM
  • Change Special  & Support
    • ICC change request and inform related team (E-mail)_ (Update BOM AX &PLM)
    • ECRN Update BOM & AX and PLM in current rev. and inform related team (Reply ticket in share point)
    • Schedule a meeting with relevant agencies to take the next step
    • Coordinate discontinue /Reactivate  items from global
  • Create and manage master data documentation, ensuring data completeness, and align with respective functions (e.g., IT)



  • Bachelor’s degree in related field
  • At least 2 service years from Production or Product BOM, Jewelry industry are preferred
  • Plus 0-1 year experience in management or planning will advantag
  • Most preferred skill to
    • Data management
    • Mater control skill
    • Distribute data
    • Design for manufacturing and Testing phase
    • FE process
  • Good understanding of Production or Product BOM especially EPDM
  • Good computer skills MS Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint Power BI, share point, Power query etc.
  • Read, Write and understanding in English.