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Officer, Health & Industrial Hygiene (AAA)

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH


  • The Health & Industrial Hygiene management across PPT and ensure compliance to laws and rerulation
  • Survey and assessment for Industrial Hygiene Parameter Matrix (What measurements are acceptable in each area)
  • Update & Improve Industrial Hygiene Parameter Matrix from MOC, execute Industrail Hygiene awareness project and activity (Awareness), reporting Industrail Hygiene KPI
  • Implement standard for Radiation/Sound sign and equipment support production(PR/PO)
  • Communicate measurement results and analysis with relevant parties for Awareness (Email, SHE Committee)
  • Supervisor vendors during testing
  • Report of the heat stress measurement and analysis results for operating conditions relating to heat/lighting/sound and air ( eamaple Temperature WBGT) (Form Ror Sor Sor.1 Form) ; submit to IEAT and DLPW (Bkk only)
  • Survey and update sound warning labels.
  • Create Measurement Calibration Plan (Execute by QA Calibration Team), execute Water Quality Testing Plan
  • Health KPI Monitoring  & Control ie pre-employment medical examinations, return to work program execution, annual Medical Check and Re-test Abnormal of Annual Health Check, on-site medical clinic service scheduleMedical waste disposal
  • Workers with Disability : Asses working conditions, monitoring & follow procedure
  • Execution and promote SHE activites ie Health Promotion Activities, Disease Prevention and Control Activities, Ergonomics activities etc.
  • Improve Matrix, Management of corrective action and improvement plan Register Report to Center for follow up
  • Execute Management of corrective action and improvement plan
  • Execute and summary Emergency drills radiation leaks
  • Register machine & radiation strength
  • Implement & Execute Occupational health policy, procedure, practice development, implementation review and evaluation
  • Walk through Survey and Health risk assessment
  • Support Audit Report (Jor Por Sor1) case Abnormal health check report & CAR/PAR
  • Execution of Risk based specialized medical training to employees (i.e. radiation medical training)
  • Environment Assessment (ISO14001)
  • Weekly  patrol for Environment & Occupational Health & Safety



  • Bachelor degree Occupational health and safety, Industrial Hygiene or Science related field
  • At least 1-2 years of experience in Occupational Health and Safety system.  Background in manufacturing or jewelry manufacturing
  • Experience with Safety and heatlh management, compliance and implementation
  • Strong knowledge of Safety, Health and Environment Laws.
  • Good command on computer skill and able to operate PC in MS Office, Excel and E-mail
  • Good communicaiton in English
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Training and coaching skill
  • Good coordination skill