Manager, Mobility

City:  Bangkok
Country/Region:  TH
Application Deadline:  Until Hire

Key accountabilities:

•    Lead the mobility team 
•    Work with the Global Mobility team to secure local policies are aligned to Global Mobility Framework
•    Establish local policies for Kingfisher project [Factory expansion project]
•    Oversee all expat policies and procedures to ensure compliance with HR Global practices and local law.
•    Evaluate current supplier management programs and identify ways to improve them
•    Manage strategic supplier’s capabilities, business requirements, overall performance and continually identify cost and services improvement opportunities 
•    Provide information & services in relation to compensation & benefits packages that are transportation, relocation, insurance, health & medical services, accommodation, child education support.
•    Work with TA, HR Services, P&R to provide the services to local foreign hires. 
•    Work with BOI and Legal team to ensure compliance with law and regulations.
•    Work with HRD side to provide the training and development course for local foreign hires. 


Pivotal and qualifications:

•    Have experience in HR or similar field
•    Minimum 3 years experience in expat management, and minimum 2 years experience as a people manager

•    Experience with setting strategic direction for mobility, vendor management, work permit and visa. 

•    Strong knowledge of Travel and Mobility vendor supply chain
•    Work and visa knowledge 
•    Management of supplier relationships
•    Exceptional communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills
•    Problem-solving mindset with the ability to analyze complex situations and propose effective solutions.
•    Ability to work in a matrixed and globally dispersed environment

•    Drive the solution to most complex business problems 
•    Possess the strategic perspective and create sustained results for Pandora (financial, non-financial)
•    Demonstrate ability to make hard decisions, making the right trade-offs
•    Effectively plan and efficiently deliver exceptional work while handling both volume and complexity 
•    Is an inspirational leader
•    Is self-motivated and hungry enough to work hard; willing to change
•    Is smart about other people; has an ability to lead, manage, motivateStrong
•    stakeholder management and communication skills; interact effectively with the organization