Pandora is a jewellery brand that invites our customers to express themselves through their jewellery. We craft products that our customers wear to tell their individual stories. It is our goal to ensure that when anyone comes to our Pandora store, they are at the centre of our attention so that they have an unforgettable experience. 

Joining Pandora in one of our retail functions across the world will place you in the forefront of Pandora - you are the face of Pandora when a customer enters the store. We go above and beyond to foster a strong relationship and to make our customers feel welcome.


In 2000, the idea of developing a charm concept that could be styled in a personal and individual way became a reality. Pandora launched the first Pandora Moments signature charm bracelet, a concept that was instantly embraced by consumers. Spearheading Pandora’s breakthrough, the popular bracelet quickly launched in new markets such as the USA, Canada, Australia and Germany.

In 2018 and 2019, the Pandora charm collecting universe grew with launches of the Pandora Reflexions and Pandora Me collections. Most importantly, however, 2020 marked the 20th anniversary of the iconic Pandora Moments snake chain bracelet focusing on celebrating two decades of collecting charms.


Wanting to grow is natural and encourageable. At Pandora, we are committed to ensuring all of our colleagues have opportunities to grow, learn new skills, and advance their careers. You may initially join us at a Pandora store in Bogotá, Colombia. However, Pandora is a global organization with opportunities for you to join one of our regional head offices. The choice is yours - the options are plenty!

Click the image below to read about Anika's career growth journey with Pandora and get inspired by the opportunities. 


In 2021, we introduced a new collection to the world - Pandora Brilliance. It is the first jewellery collection to use lab-created diamonds. These stones are physically, chemically, and optically identical to their mined counterparts, but they are created above ground. They are a remarkable example of how innovation can replicate nature’s process and do so in a sustainable way. 

Every diamond in the Pandora Brilliance collection is a sustainably lab-created diamond. This means that we know the origin of every diamond, that they have achieved CarbonNeutral® product certification in accordance with the CarbonNeutral Protocol, a leading global framework for carbon neutrality, and that they have been responsibly sourced in accordance with international human rights and labour standards.

This is the spirit of Pandora - we dare to push the boundaries and to challenge the status quo! This is the way to sustainable innovation.